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I first met Fin in my offices in 2001 when he and his family came in to complete documents to emigrate into Canada. I was struck by the warmth of the family unit and particularly by Fin’s charm and his zeal for life.

I subsequently invited Fin to attend a morning breakfast business networking group that I was involved with and he became a very enthusiastic member. As a matter of fact, it was in a testimonial at such a meeting where I coined “Fintastic” when I introduced him.

Over the years we have availed ourselves of Fin’s many services like carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and sealing, re-sealing our shower and granite sink, even drying our basement when we were flooded, and have always been impressed with his thoroughness and attention to detail.

We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants the job done right.

Roy Cammack

M.B.A., C.P.C.A., Notary Public (1982), Past Chamber of Commerce’s “Independent Businessperson of the Year”

Fin’s partner, Sarwo did excellent job in restoring my shower’s tiles. He exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this company. I give the highest rating.

Sylvie T.

(see photos)

We have had the good fortune to have found FIN WOOD STONE TILE CARE. Fin and Sarwo have just cleaned, polished, and sealed our marble floor, and it looks amazing! They are competent and professional technicians. We are very satisfied customers, and want to extend our recommendations to everyone who has tried “doing it yourself” with store bought products.

Sharo & John Bateman


I am sending you this email to again thank you for the wonderful job you did on cleaning and refinishing our hardwood floor. We built our house in 1979 and had never had our front entry floor cleaned until you did it in 2010. It had a number of ugly stains from cat vomit and these are completely gone. We remained in the house while you worked and there was no mess or odour. The floor still looks wonderful in 2012. Thank you.

Gene and Judy Regier

Notice: Starting September 2014, Fintastic Services and Fin Wood Stone Tile Care operate under one parent company, Amexcana Enterprises Inc.